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Customer Testimonial

Please describe your relationship with Lansco?

The first time we used the services of Lansco was back in 2009 and they have been involved in our projects ever since, so our relationship has grown and developed over that period.

What are the main reasons you use Lansco?

We use the services of Lansco because they provide competitive rates together with a very good working ethic and high standard of workmanship which comes from being a family run business .

With W Boyes & Co being a very health and safety conscious company do Lansco meet your demands in this area?

During all the time Boyes have worked with Lansco there have been no reportable accidents or incidents on any of our projects the most memorable accident being a cut thumb! Unannouced HSE inspections have been carried out and no issues have ever been identified. They have co-operated with Boyes Safety Manager in all aspects and willingly co-operated with all of Boyes safety demands.

How would you describe the previous work Lansco has carried out for W Boyes & Co?

All the contracts we have worked on with Lansco have always come in on schedule and are to a very good standard which is a credit in a very demanding retail environment.

As W Boyes & Co continue to grow as a business do you see yourselves requiring Lansco in the future?

With our business model expanding at a steady rate we will have no hesitation in continuing our working relationship with Lansco.

Would you recommend Lansco to your contacts?

We work with many contractors and sub- contractors within our scope of works and Lansco form an integral part of what we are achieving so we would have no hesitation recommending them for any future work.